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Deanna Lien is both a world-class Permanent Makeup Artist as well as a former "in-Demand" Hair Stylist, so she is NO STRANGER to the 'Beauty Industry.' With over 25 years of experience in making people beautiful, Deanna is a true artist.

As a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician and a Licensed Cosmetologist, Deanna's reputation for perfection has helped her to make a very solid name for herself throughout Orange County and the Southern California area as a top permanent makeup artist.

She received her Permanent Makeup training and certification from Master Educators at two very prominent Permanent Makeup Artist schools in the U.S., and Deanna is committed to providing the highest level of permanent makeup service and professionalism available.

Deanna adds, "if you have any hairline enhancement questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me immediately. I've been performing this procedure for over 7 years, so I can definitely help to shed some light on what you can expect. Hopefully, you'll like what you see on this site, and I can apply my artistic skills to create a more youthful look to your hairline, too!"

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If you're visiting this site, you're obviously interested in having this procedure done and you may just be looking for the ideal person (or company) to do it for you. I can totally understand that. There are quite a few people as well as companies offering this procedure, so you may be wondering - IS there any difference in what everyone is offering?

The answer is - YES... there ARE differences in how some individuals and companies perform this procedure. Without going into detail about any of the other procedures and their pros and cons, as a former hair stylist, I completely understand the pattern in which hair grows. Therefore, recreating a hairline that looks more natural is something I also truly understand. The thing to watch out for as the consumer is - does the potential technician truly have an eye for rebuilding a natural looking hairline? Having a tattoo machine and ink is only a small part of the equation; the results will come down to how well the technician understands what a natural hairline may look like, how deep to insert the ink, and several other factors.

My technique for performing this procedure is quite simple; and there are NO shortcuts; using my artistic eye, I go in and place the simulated hair follicles, one-by-one, around the area that needs it, slowly and precisely. I don't use any special machines that can't be controlled as to where the dots may go; it's all in the eye and the experience of knowing just how deep to insert the ink.

My ultimate goal is to always give my clients what they want, however, I also understand that if a man has been losing his hair for a long time, the knee-jerk reaction may simply be to create as LOW a hairline and fill it in as much as possible. While that may be your initial "want," long-term, you're probably going to want something that suits your face; and a very low hairline may NOT suit your face. This is where the artistic eye comes into play.

My advice is to contact me for a Consultation so I can see you in person. From there, we can discuss the entire procedure, how long before you have the results you're after, pricing, healing, and more.




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